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why Do you spEAk English

well, u know, as the most popular and common language in the entire world, englishi not only just tool 4 ur future job career, it also gives the ability to communicate with people around the world. perhaps u dont like to speak ...


why do you suddenly speak english的中文翻译 why do you suddenly speak english 你为什么突然说英语


Why my mother can't speak English 为什么我妈妈不会说英语 为什么我的妈妈不会说英语?

Why learning English is important? Good morning ! Boys and girls, I am very very glad to go on the stage and tell something to you. I am so proud of my bravery. Because as you all know my English is so poor , especially my Engl...

why speak english me know 翻译:为什么说英语我知道。 这句话是典型的中式英语,正确的说法应该是: I know why we speak english. speak 英 [spiːk] 美 [spik] 动词. 说,说话,讲话,发言 网络. 谈话,演说 变形. 过去式:spoke,过去...

so well,虽说两个词都是副词,但是副词本身就可以修饰副词的。so well在句中的意思为:为什么你英语说得那么好。 如果换成so much. 就变成,你英语说得怎么那么多了。


Nobody wants to talk to me on facebook if i tape in Chinese either. so i have to admit it's the dumbest question i've ever heard around here, and you're consistently asking for an answer? what are you trying to get ?

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