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turn into造简单句子

Fridge turns water into ice. 冰箱把水变成冰.

I think I have got to stop or I might turn into a machine. 我想我得停下来了,否则我就会变成一台机器.We think he'll turn into a top-class player. 我们认为他会成为一流的选手.It could well turn into some kind of a media circus. 这很可能会演变成媒

in turn1. 反过来2. 依次,挨个3. 交替地,轮流地 wewillexamine each of thesemethodsin turn. 我们将按照顺序依次分析这些方法. the studentsweresummonedinturn to be interviewed. 学生依次被召入进行口试. this, in turn, would requirechanges to allusersofthoseinterfaces. 依次的,这需要那些接口的所有用户作出相应的改变.

I shall turn on the light when it is dark.当天黑是时候,我将开灯.They don't still come back now , I think they must be in trouble. 他们现在还没回来,我认为他们一定遇到麻烦了.

water turn into ice 水变成冰

造句:I think I have got to stop or I might turn into a machine 我想我得停下来了,否则我就会变成一台机器.可以不用被动语态啊

turn into 一般指的是渐渐的变成什麽样子,强调的是这个“渐变”的过称,而change into 则不怎么 强调过称,只是注重结果,注重变后的样子.例:his face turned into red gradually.他的脸渐渐的变红了.(强调渐渐的变红的过称) she changed her dress into trousers.她把裙子换成了裤子.(强调换后的是裤子.)

Go by主要用于时间流逝 :Time goes by! it turned out to be bad,it turned out that my ideas were correct

Turn the princess into a rabbit

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