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sixteen汉语翻译 [英] [ s ks ti:n][美] [s k stin] n.十六,十六个; 十六岁; 十六点钟; 十六的记号; num.十六; 第十六; [例句] He worked sixteen hours a day 他每天工作16个小时.

16 @ war - Karinaain't no daddies where i'm from it's just mad mothersand eyes that still seem they can't look past colorwhy am i disrespected by someone i should call brotherand why girls feel unpretty and constantly hate each otherbad air in my

jyp新女团sixteen成员名单 Nayeon/ 林娜妍 1995年9月21日(19岁) Sana/ 凑崎 纱夏 1996年12月29日(18岁) Dahyun/ 金多贤 1998年5月28日(17岁) Tzuyu/ 周子瑜 1999年6月14日(15岁) Chaeyoung/ 孙彩英1999年

歌曲:sixteen 歌手:no doubt you've been a juvenile with a dolphin smile with no elbow room with your body in bloom you've had your little backyard protected by big walls you didn't dare look over'cause you've been too small now you're finally


sixteenadj. 十六的,十六个的num. 十六sixteenthnum. 第十六;十六分之一adj. 第十六的;十六分之一的

sixteen-year-olds跟sixteen-year-old有以下区别:一、sixteen-year-olds只有一种词性.名词.因为后面加了s.同类用法只要改前面的数字.双语例句:1、Eighteen-year-olds qualify to vote .译文:年满十八岁者有选举权.2、Even five-year-olds


sixteen 常用词汇 英 [sks'tin] 美 [sks'tin] num.十六 sixty 常用词汇 英 ['sksti] 美 ['sksti] n.六十 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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