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pineapple [英][panpl][美][panpl] n. 菠萝; 凤梨; 〈俚〉手榴弹; 复数:pineapples 双语例句: you know that pineapple express stuff you gave me? 你记得你给我的菠萝快车吧? hey, can i get a pineapple cinnamon? 嘿

pineapple ['pain,pl] n.1. 凤梨;菠萝(Ananas Sativus)2. 凤梨树(Ananas comosus)3. [俚语]手榴弹;炸弹4. [俚语] 失业救济(金)5. [俚语]把头发剪得很短的男子发型 adj.【植物】凤梨科(Bromeliaceae)的

pineapple的意思是:菠萝;凤梨 pineapple 读法 英 [panpl] 美 [panpl] 短语:1、pineapple jelly 菠萝冻 ; 凤梨冻 ; 波罗冻2、pineapple cake 菠萝酥 ; 菠萝蛋糕 ; 菠萝糕 示例:Tom likes to eat pineapple very much.汤姆非常喜欢

five pineapples意思:五只菠萝

what () these? They ( ) pineapples填什么 第一填is,第is is apple and that is pineapple.

是问答题么?Do you like Pinenapples?I like pineapples very much你个语境都不清楚是什么哦,帮不了啦


选择C I can see some pineapples.翻译为:我能看见一些菠萝.解析:a/an+单数可数名词,表示“一……” some+可数名词复数,表示“一些……” 此处,pineapple是可数名词,且用的复数形式加了s,所以选择some


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