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命令某人做某事(应该是这样的 ^_^)

in the order of 译为“按顺序” in order to后面直接接动词原形,in order to do sth. 意思都是"为了, 以便." 例句与用法: 1. in order to maintain physical well being, a person should eat wholesome food and get sufficient exercise. 为了维持身体健康,一个人应该吃有益健康的食品,并经常锻炼身体. 2. in order to earn enough money, he worked late into the night. 为了赚到足够的钱, 他工作到深夜.

给某人定某物..order me a drink..帮我要了一杯饮料

order sth 有 ,是命令的意思.比如:the teacher ordered silence 不过,order sb sth ,不太常见.

prepare sth for sb 为某人准备 provide sth. for sb=provide sb. with sth为某人提供1、动词+sb, sth.=动词+sth. for sb. 双宾语易位时需借助介词for的常用动词(常用的) book sb. sth. = book sth. for sb. 为某人预定某物 buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb. 为某

lend to sb“把……借给某人”,表示借出 I lent my MP3 to Tom yesterday.昨天我把MP3借给了汤姆

offer sth. to sb.正确 .offer sth. to sb. = offer sb. sth.一、 offer作动词的用法: 1. offer有"(主动)拿给,给予"的意思,相当于give, 后可接名词或代词作宾语,也可接双宾语,即offer sb sth =offer sth to sb, 如: The young man offered the old

给某人买某物give sb sth = give sth to sb

没有.有order sb. to do sth.

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