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onto grounD

从该句短句来看,可以翻译成: 突然摔落到地板上 或 忽然掉落到地上

填broke 注意and 这个连词, and前后是并列的 the vase fell onto the ground and the vase broke into pieces 只要保证时态一致就行。由前半句fell推出一般过去时,所以填broke

fell on the ground 指倒下来 ,朝着地面的方向 fell to the ground 是指摔在地上 fell onto the ground掉下来摔在地上

broke:AND前后连接的句子时态要一致,应用过去时 TAKEN:WHO'S在这是WHO HAS 的缩写,后加过去分词 USED:USED TO DO过去常常 GAVE:过去时 MUST,FINISH:MUST加动词原形 HAVE NOT WRITEN:由后面YET可知应用现在完成时


jump onto 跳上…jump onto the ground 跳到地上jump onto the horse 跳上马jump onto the table 跳到桌上jump out of 从…跳出〔下〕jump out of a ...


care of them.We can save the water and ask our parents to do so.We can't throw any litter onto the ground and we should collect them for ...

D 试题分析: 句意:我想当老人倒地时我们应该帮助他们。我同意,人人在困难的时候都需要帮助。Sorry, I can’t 对不起,我不能,Never mind 别介意,I don’t agree 我不同意,I agree我同意。根据Everyone needs help when they are in trouble....

Into the ground(Now) if you'd have thoughtOf suicideIf you would tryBut you would tieA parachuteOnto a slideAnd took a diveNow who's alive?It's...

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