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情归于尽歌词 歌手:黎明 歌曲:情归于尽 选自专辑:love promises 你仍然当我是情人 因为现在先变心太薄幸 何以我发现你不爱我 我仍然全没介心 分开假如难为谁 一起一样是负累 相恋仿如悬崖完场离合都太累 要行刑时你若畏罪 必须解脱的当

Starry, starry night 繁星点点的夜晚 Paint your palette blue and gray 为你的调色盘涂上灰与蓝 Look out on the summer's day 你在那夏日向外远眺 With eyes that know the darkness in my soul 用你那双能洞悉我灵魂的双眼 Shadows on the hills 山

歌曲名:情深一往 歌手:曾仕贤 专辑:缘份的出口 曾仕贤 -- 情深一往 词:李敏 编/作曲:Parry Tam 阳光降于 你发丝飘飘散逸处 我看你起舞 悠悠琴声中透风姿 微风里舞动时 裙上转出的美意 每步每步也适意 摇曳轻巧的舞衣 是我躲窗边偷偷去

你知道的 我已找一段时间了 无论如何我今晚一定要和你跳支舞 我能看见你的眼神正呼喊著我 表现出你最棒的那面吧 让我深深爱上你的那个样子啊 我们像磁铁与金属般互相吸引 我正有此打算更靠近你一些 为了得到你的爱 一步一步向前 现在的


refrain:oh can you hear him comin' is the darkman you better keep runnin' always believe in what ever you say or do that's the point that's why i can't say i love you i got more than a thousand problems on my mind i'm commin' from the dark and light's

Here I am again 我再一次来到这里 Waiting on the moment you decide 等待你的决定 To leave me stranded on the edge of nowhere任何边缘的地方都不能离开我的海岸 I've been so close to you so many times曾经有许多次我靠近你 I feel like I

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance用全部的时间等待第二次机会 For a break that would make it OK 因为逃避能使一切更好 There's always some reasons to feel not good enough 总是有理由说感觉不够好 And it's hard at the end

You shoot for the starsIf it feels rightAnd in for my heartIf you feel likeCan take me away, and make it okayI swear I'll behaveYou wanted controlSure we waitedI put on a showNow I make itYou say I'm a kidMy ego is bigI don't give a sh*tAnd it

amaranth中文歌词 Baptized with a perfect name 以完美的名字受洗礼 The doubting one by heart 心中的疑虑 Alone without himself 唯独他没有 War between him and the day 他与时代的战争 Need someone to blame 需要人来归罪 In the end, little

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