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great shot 好的照片 例句1.Have a great shot? Send it to us for possible publication in National Geographic magazine.有一个伟大的照片吗?发送到我们的地理杂志可能在全国出版.2.He shot great but had a mental error that cost him the gold

1-4 BADA

Today is a gift (transfers placard) to imagine has a bank early morning all to store ¥ 86,400 every day in yours account, but the daily balance of account all will not be able to carry tomorrow, as soon as will arrive the settlement time, the bank can the

The Beijing Olympic Games is very exciting, also let a person look to be struck with fright. The men's 50 metre rifle three positions competition, the 04 Athens Olympic Games the last round of the wrong target to lose the gold medal Emmons again in

这个问题是我们玩冒险岛常见的,如果您遇到类似问题,可以尝试以下三种方法解决.如果您有更好的方法请告诉我们,以便补充完整! 方法一: 从控制面板--添加删除程序 里删除冒险岛,并删除所有冒险岛以前的安装文件 重新下载新版客户

你好!SKIP CLOSET 直译应该是,跳出或离开橱窗或壁橱的意思吧!我的回答你还满意吗~~

EDISON, Thomas Alva (18471931), American inventor, whose development of a practical electric light bulb, electric generating system, sound-recording device, and motion picture projector had profound effects on the shaping of modern society.

你好!你可以抄GOOGLE,会有HELLEN KELLER的英文袭.可以用wiki 百科.zhidao仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

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