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Make sth. out of sb,让某人成为某个事,或让某人做某事。类似这个意思。 she'll make a slave out of you:她会让你成她的奴隶; Make a monkey out if sb. 把某人弄成傻瓜一样。

意思:无中生有 例子:you can't make something out of nothing 巧妇难为无米之炊。 希望可以帮到您。

你好,make something out of ourselves 翻译成中文是:是一些东西远离我们自己 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

make sth with sth和make sth of/from的区别 解析 短语 Make With装出;做出;作出;用做动作 make sth of sb了解 make sth of sth用 make sth of sb/sth了解;领会;理解 Make sb of sth控告 make sth from 由…制成 here are some senteces you...

make sth.out of sb. 使某人128.。 make sth.out of sb. 使某人128.。

make sth. out of nothing 做某事无中生有 例句: 1.He was captivated, he has said, by the idea that with a bag of plaster dust he "couldmake something out of nothing". 用一袋石膏粉就可以“无中生”,他说这一想法让他着迷。 2.The king...

前者用人做主语,某人make某物out of sth,表示某人用这个sth做了某物 后者用物作主语,某物be made of sth,表示某物是用这个sth做成的 还要注意be made of和be made from的区别,of表示还能看出原材料(比如桌子用木头做成),from指已经看不...

figure 指人物形象,所以 make figures out of ... 意思是 “以 ... 为素材塑造人物”。

词组1.make up to sb 讨好、巴结某人 2.make up for sth in/with 弥补 3.make towards sth 移动,移向 4.make sth of sb/sth 了解、理解 5.make sb/sth into sth 将......制成(变成) 6.make out 听出,看出,辨认出 7.make off 溜掉,匆忙离开...

make sth out of sb.的中文翻译 make sth out of sb. 让某人做某事。

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