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green day(年轻岁月合唱团)的american idiot那张专辑里的歌wake me up when september endssummer has come and passed 夏天来了 又过去the innocent can never last 天真无法延续wake me up when september ends 在秋末时请唤醒我

Green Day(年轻岁月合唱团)的American Idiot那张专辑里的歌Wake Me Up When September EndsSummer has come and passed 夏天来了 又过去The innocent can never last 天真无法延续wake me up when september ends 在秋末时请唤醒

Wake Up 觉醒 There's people talking They talk about me They know my name They think they know everything But they don't know anything About me 有人在谈论 谈论我 他们知道我的名字 他们以为他们知道一切 但其实他们对我一无所知 Give

歌曲名:Call Me歌手:kelly clarkson

Justin Timberlake Chop Me Up by Justin Timberlake It's going down Tennessee Justin Timberlake Timbaland Three 6 Ma-ma-mafia Tennesse VA Dirty south Dirty south It's how we do what we do, man, when we do what we do [Justin:] I know

you rase me upwhen i am down and, oh my soul, so weary当我低沉沮丧时,哦,心灵如此的疲惫不堪,when troubles come and my heart burdened be当诸多困扰袭来时,我心沉如铅,then, i am still and wait here in the silence,这时,我依然在

不知道是不是,想不出来了~~~应该不是make me~~~《because you love me 》 歌手:celine dion For all those times you stood by me 谢谢你的一生陪伴我 For all the truth that you made me see 谢谢你让我看到了所有的真相 For all the joy you

歌曲名:MAKE UP歌手:西野カナ专辑:MAKE UP「MAKE UP」作词∶Kana Nishino作曲∶Kazuhiko.M歌∶西野カナOne day, Did the alarm clock go offWake up! まだまだ眠ぃの二度寝したいけど 慌ててメルCHECKなんで期待?日日课

歌曲名:Makeup歌手:Jesse Mccartney专辑:Departure - RechargedJesse McCartney - Make UpI wanna see you when I wake up, wake up, wake upCause you look good without make up, make up, make upAin't nothing on you phony, phony,

You Raise Me Up When I am down 当我失意低落之时 and, oh my soul, so weary; 我的精神,是那么疲倦不堪 When troubles come 当烦恼困难袭来之际 and my heart burdened be; 我的内心,是那么负担沉重 Then, I am still 然而,我默默的伫立

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