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in proportion to 意思:与…成比例,与…相称.1、After further development, the system now puts out energy, in proportion to its weight, about 100 times greater than an equivalent weight of lithium-ion battery. 经过进一步的改进后,这种系统现在

“in proportion to”:相对于某事物来说,与某事物成比例;读音:英 [in prp:n tu:] 美 [n prprn tu]例句:1. His short legs were not in proportion to his long body. 他的短腿和他的身长不成比例.2. A man's vanity is actually in proportion to his ignorance. 一个人的虚荣心实际上是和他的愚蠢程度成正比.3. A thing is valued in proportion to its rarity.物以稀为贵.

脂肪的更度表示一定温度下固态脂的含量. The proportion between the values of gold and silver money was not fixed by any public law or proclamation金币和银币价值的比例,不由法律或公告规定. The lending nations subscribe toward its

成正比:in direct proportion 成反比:in inverse proportion

in proportion to sth to sth与sth to sth比例

前面的两个分句就不用赘言了.in proportion to 后面的句子也不难.意思大概是:成正比地,自我感觉的程度很可能是个人品质的高贵和美丽所能达到的程度.(意译)in proportion to 引导的应该是比较状语从句.而在这个状语从句中,前面的the degree是主语,is是谓语(系动词),后面的the degree是表语,跟在两个degree后面的都是用in which引导的定语从句,对其进行限定修饰.


be in direct proportion to与直接比例双语例句1The proportion of women in the profession had risen to 17.3%从事该职业的女性比例已升高到17.3%.2Take a look at the 10 states that have the highest proportion of domestic sales, according toEdmunds.我们不妨看一下美国车占市场比重最大的十个州是哪些.

in inverse proportion to

Dbrains是复数,不再用that,改用复数的those, 这样前后在数上保持一致.

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