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FirE 女生唱的英文歌

你说的可能是fire fly,自己搜一下吧

Ellie Goulding唱的 Burn

你好!Girl on Fire仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

歌曲:fire fly 歌手:ateens when i said go i never meant away当我说离开时我从不打算离开 you ought to know the freaky games we play你应该知道我们玩的任性游戏 could you forgive and learn how to forget你可以原谅而且学会如何忘记吗 hear

ON FIRE 冲出火焰

All The Lovers -- Kylie Minogue亲百度一下就找到试听了试听时不要凭第一感觉,请耐心听完,试听后正确请亲及时采纳

Ella Henderson - Glow部分歌词:We are fire, we are fireAnd our love will burnThe flame will never dieWe are brighter, we are brighterLets shoe 'em how we light upTonightAnd we will glowOh, oh, oh

fire fly

歌曲: Fire 歌手: Big Sean 专辑: 《Fire》Tell 'em that I need moreFire Fire Fire Fire Fire FireFire Fire Fire Fire Fire FireFire Fire Fire Fire Fire FireFire Fire Fire FireI woke up this morning, rolled a joint, then got to itDealt with real life shit,

promise in love - dj mitsu the beatspromisin' lovin'baby gon' take you on a highpromisin' lovin'baby let's make everything all rightpromisin' lovin'baby we livin' for todaypromisin' lovin'baby let's take it all the wayyes say i know that you are the only one

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