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come up 出现,被提出 come up with 随...出现,提出. 一般来说,come up (表示被提出)它的主语是事,或物.come up with 的主语是人.比较: The plan came up at the meeting. He came up with the plan at the meeting.

Come up with 1. 赶上 We came up with a group of tourists. 我们赶上了一群旅游者。 2.(针对问题等)想出; 提供 He could not come up with a proper answer. 他想不出一个合适的回答。 He came up with good ideas for the product promotion....

你好! come out;come up with 出来;提出

come up表示过来 如He came up to see me.他过来看我。 come up with表示想出(一个办法) 如He came up with an idea. 他想出了一个点子。

1. 赶上;接近,走近: 例句: I came up with them as they were rounding the corner. 2. 提出,提议: 例句: We weren't able to come up with any new suggestions.

think 想, 思索, 认为 think up 想出 dope out 预测, 猜出, 想出 bring forward 提出, 提前, 显示 think out 思考,考虑 come up with英[kʌm ʌp wið] 美[kʌm ʌp wɪð] [释义]想出; 提出; 追赶上; 设法拿出; [...

如:She came up with a new suggestion to solve the problem as well.她也提出了一种解决这个问题的新建议。We have to come up with the practical measures to prevent the air pollution.我们必须找到防止空气污染的切实可行的办法。It's...

及物不及物与用法的区别,第一个是sth. come to mind;第二个是sb. come up with sth.

catch up with

keep up with ...跟上;catch up with ...赶上;be fed up with...厌腻; come up with...提出; put up with...忍受; fill up with ...挤满了;speed up with...; end up with...结束; meet up with...偶遇;split up with...与.分手(断交)...

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