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My life changed a lot in the last few years,I used to be short and have long hair ,but now my life 英 [mai laif] 美 [maɪ laɪf] 我的心肝(称呼最心爱的人) 双语例句: 1. You have saved my life. 你救了我的命。 2. My life...

I have changed a lot.I used to be short and had a large build.But now I am much taller and thinner.I was lazy before and I didn't like doing housework.But now I am a hardworking person and I often help my parents do some housew...

You have changed a lot.正确

I have changedI have changed a lot in the last few years. My daily life is different and I used to like different things when I was a child .For esample, I didn`t use to like tests. Now, I don`t mind them . I used to hate Engli...


I’m a student in a middle school. I want to tell you that our school has changed a lot . Our school is much bigger than before. There also is a big garden now.And many trees and flowers are there. we can sit and relax ourselves...

答案C what he/she/it used to be已经成为一种习惯说法,意为“过去的样子”。what指一种情况,并非指“人”,所以不能用who/whom。


has changed a lot是主动语态。be changed a lot是被动语态。前者是现在完成时,后者时态看不出来。前者翻译为,已经改变了很多。后者翻译为被改变了很多。

第一题what前没宾语,what是代词作宾语 第二个that是关系代词,已经有she做宾语了

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