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BE sErious ABout sth造句

我个人的理解是,be serious about doing about sth,应该是指对做某些很认真,或者很严肃,强调做,be serious about sth,对某些事很认真,或者很严肃,强调的是态度,不知道是否正确,仅此做为参考.

“be serious about” teachers are serious about how to let their students study well. “have a chance of doing sth” in order to have a chance of getting good marks, they work harder and harder. “spend time on sth” almost all of us spend time on learning a kind of life skill .

i'm very excited about playing basketball.

我知道你想说的是:be upset aboutMy best friend tells me that I am silly to be upset about this.我最好的朋友说我要是为这事而沮丧难过就真够傻的.

Once they have a common goal, nothing can get in the way of their love.一旦他们有了一个共同的目标,就没什么可以阻拦他们的爱情.

Once they have a common goal, nothing can get in the way of their love.一旦他们有了共同目标,没有什么可以妨碍他们的.You should be serious about your study.你应该严肃对待你的学习.You should spend time on your study. 你应该把时间用在学习上.

I'm serious about this work .(我对这个工作很严肃对待) I spend much money on this computer.(我花了大价钱买了这台电脑) spend 可以加in,in后面跟事情,on 后面跟东西.

After she died I felt very, very upset她去世之后,我非常非常难过.Marta looked upset玛尔塔一副沮丧的模样.She sounded upset when I said you couldn't give her an appointment我告诉她你不能安排与她会面时,她的声音听上去有些沮丧.Upset is also a noun.stress and other emotional upsets.压力与其他情绪问题

be anxious about 英 [bi: ks baut] 美 [bi ks bat] v.挂虑; 惦念; 渴望,担忧 网络 担心; 忧虑; 担忧 双语例句 1 I told him not to be anxious about making money. 我跟他copy说不用担心赚钱的事.2 There was

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