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My wEEkEnD英语作文(带翻译)7句


我经常举办派对并邀请我的朋友参加.吃完午饭后! 翻译.On Sunday afternoon,I hold a party at home and invite many friends.然后我和家人一起去看电影.在星期六早晨,we eat at home. But sometimes I also go for a drive. On sunday morning

This weekend I went to a fast food restaurant ,I ate a small French fires , a sandwich and a medium iced lemon tea . That's great ! though that cost me 25 yuan .After that , I went to the supermarket , I bought some snack foods , such potato chips , gum

my weekend i often have fun on my weekend.i often go to the library to read books on saturday morning.after lunch,i go swimming with my friends.on saturday night,i hold a party at home and invite many friends.on sunday morning,i always do my

My Weekend It is weekend. I am excited, It's not because of weekend but “The Smurfs”, a 3D movie published by Sony Pictures Releasing (Argentina). After I have my lunch, I go to the Red Star cinema with my several friends early. It's hot

My weekendYesterday was Sunday. My father, my mother and I went shopping.First, we went to the supermarket on foot. We bought some pineapples and oranges there. My mother bought a nice T-shirt for me. It is yellow and white. I like it very

用一般过去时i really had a busy weekend. on saturday morning i did my homework and cleaned the room. in the afternoon, i visted my friends and did sports with them. at night,i went to the movies with my parents. on sunday morning, i went

I had a busy but happy weekend. I got up early last Saturday. It was raining outside so I had to stay at home. I did my homework and helped my parents do some housework. Then I cooked lunch . After lunch I had a short rest. I went shopping with my

I think everyone will have a busy and interesting weekend. Now, let me introduce my busy weekend to you. On Saturday morning, I am going to the bookstore. I'62616964757a686964616fe58685e5aeb931333363366162m going to buy some

My plan for the weekendI am looking forward to the weekend.I am going to the zoo with my friends.We will go there on Saturday morning,and we will see a lot of animals there.Then we will go KFC for lun | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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