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用英语怎么写清明的诗 句

Qingming ancient poetry

清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂.借问酒家何处有.牧童遥指杏花村. ---题记 燕子飞到南方去了,有在飞回来的时候.杨柳枯萎了,有再青的时候.桃花谢了有再开的时候.可是亲爱的爷爷.您长眠在这冰冷的墓地里很久很久了.孙女和您

Tomb Sweeping Day 清明节谚语 Rain before Qingming rain, frequent set Under the rain Tomb-sweeping Day, on and off for three months A rare sunny Qingming, Guyu rare Yin Qingming not clear, not afraid of the rain rain The rain before


《清明》 (唐)杜牧 清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂. 借问酒家何处有?牧童遥指杏花村. 吴钧陶英译《清明》((韵式aaba) It drizzles thick and fast on the Pure Brightness Day, I travel with my heart lost in dismay. "Is there a public house somewhere, cowboy?" He points at Apricot Village faraway.

The Qingming (Pure Brightness) Festival is one of the 24 seasonal division points in China, falling on April 4-6 each year. After the festival, the temperature will rise up and rainfall increases. It is the high time for spring plowing and sowing. But the

Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day,April 5 each year, is one of Chinese tradictional festival. It's also a day for all Chinese people to recall someone had already gone.However,during the minor vacation,some people prefer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax themselves.

Today is the Ching Ming Festival. The ancients said: Qingming season rain have. This is heavy overcast weather, we have a go Ta-Qing Chihu. On the way we are going to see that a strong grass and

The Qingming Festival, our family to the grave 清明节,我们一家来扫墓 The occasion, please let me die for you family presented a bunch of flowers, to show respect!清明之际,请容我也为你逝去的亲人献上鲜花一束,以示敬意!

It was Tomb-sweeping Day again. It is always raining and bit of cold during these days.My mother, father had prepared some food, flowers as tributes to our ancestors.So, what should I do then? I decided to write a poem for them to express my admiration to them.

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