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the values of life. We should live


My Teacher 我的老师 My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. There is always a smile on her face. Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. Sh...

l have a techer .her's name is Emma. she like me. me like she .

My teacher is tall and beautiful. She has bright eyes and long hair.She teaches us English.She is very kind to us so that all of us like her.She often play games with us.

She is my English teacher.She's very beautiful and very kind to us. She has long hair and big eyes and she is 1.70 metres tall. She likes to make friends with us , but sometimes she is strict with us if we can't do our homework...

l like teachers who are kind to me ,i also like teachers who are knowledgeable. i like teachers who make their classes lively . i prefer teachers who often encourage me . i prefer teachers who can play with me .

My English teather His English is very good. And he always wears a pair of glasses. He likes wearing blue trousers. My teacher is handsome. He often plays with us after class. He often reads books and English. His hobby is read...

My English teacherIt is sweet

老师的爱好与属相 Hobbies and zodiac teacher

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