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where are you from ?what is your name ?which class are you in ?where is your school ?what's name of your father ?who is your mother ?what do you like to eat ?which book do you like to read ?How old are you ?Are you a boy or a girl ?

Welcome to China欢迎来到中国

1:Can you speak English?2:你学英语多长时间了?3:你为什么不会讲英语?4:你们中国人为什么老问我们老外为什么?5:你觉得今天天气怎么样?对不起,只能说这么多了.老外一般很少跟陌生人提问题,他们最喜欢撤那些不涉及个人隐私的话题.比如天气.真的,这我有感受.


1.How old are you 2.Where are you from 3.Do you like playing games?4.What kind of colour do you like 5.What kind of movies do you like 6.Are you feel well 7.Don't you like it 8.Do you like sunny weath

a question 2. a problem or problem causing 3. an issue 4. (a) trouble; (a) mishap; (a) difficulty

Hello!Foreigner teacher.Nice to meet you.I'm a student in the shool.And I have some questions here. Emmm first what's the difference between you live here and the life in your life city? second ,Do yuo ever feel loney here ? Third ,Do you like the

I: Excuse me, could I ask you some questions? F: Sure. I: Where are you from? F: F: 5137268. I:Thank you! See you next time. F: Bye! F means foreigner .

1.How many cities can you tell us?How do you know these? 2.How many famous people you know before you got here? 3.What impression do you have in mind about China? 4.Where would you like to go at first?Why? 5.Do you think you can get

如果初次见面先介绍自己 I'm 然后问How are you doing? 或者 How are you? 或者 How's going?老外很随意的问这些就可以了主要不知道你见到他们是什么情况下所以其他问题真的很难说= =最后来一句It's nice to meet you就行了 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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