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中英文合同范文 合 同 CONTRACT 日期: 合同号码: Date: Contract No.: 买 方: (The Buyers) 卖方: (The Sellers) 兹经买卖双方同意按照以下条款由买方购进,卖方售出以下商品: This contract is made by and between the Buyers


1、本合同用英文和中文两种文字写成,一式四份.双方执英文本和中文本各一式两份,两种文字具有同等效力. The contract is made out in English and Chinese

contract of employment 雇佣合同 contract of engagement 雇佣合同 contract of carriage 运输合同 contract of arbitration 仲裁合同 contract for goods 订货合同 contract for purchase 采购合同 contract for service 劳务合同 contract for future delivery 期货合同 contract of sale 销售合同 contract of insurance 保险合同

INVITATION AGREEMENT In order to improve the English level of the staff of _____ 经双方友好协商,达成以下聘任协议: 1、合同效力 本合同自双方签字后自动生效.

以下皆为商业合同标准翻译:15. Force MajeureThe Seller shall not be held responsible for delay in shipment or non-delivery of the goods due to Force Majeure, which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading. The

P1/2(original)合 同 Contract No.BTGL-HITACHI 2006-01 CONTRACT Date: March 20, 2006 Revised date:July 14, 2006卖 方: 地址THE SELLER: TEL: FAX: 买 方: 地址THE BUYER: TEL: FAX:兹双方同意按下列条款由卖方出售,买方购进

The second party does not have to protest,Does not affect this the contract performance,Because the party of the first part productive phase raw material is unable to solve,Or calcine damage,And irresistible and so on reason cause delivery

外贸合同范文 外贸合同Contract 编号: No:日期: Date :签约地点: Signed at:卖方:Sellers:地址:Address: 邮政编码:Postal Code:电话:Tel: 传真:Fax:买方:Buyers:地址:Address: 邮政编码:Postal Code:电话:Tel:

We will be adherent to our contract. You are our sole supplier. The price of XXX will not be leaked out. It's just between us. We will do it according to your demands.

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