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如何用lEAvE sB.with sth造句

leave my dad with luggage.leave my dog with my friend.等等 好多、、本人原创望可以采纳!谢谢

leave sb with sth 中文意思:让某人做某事 例句 Present sb with sth= present sthto sb. 送给某人某物,向某人赠送某物.同义词:Make sb. Do sth.使某人做某事 例句 如果您想要做某事,使他脱离街道.If you want to do something, get him out of the street.

leave除了作"离开"解以外,还有以下几种特殊用法:一、作"留下"、"丢下"、"落下",常表示某物落在/忘在某地.如:You'd better leave your address and telephone number. 你最好留下你的地址和电话号码.Better take off your shoes

mom provides me an apple. mom provdes an apple for me.

leave sth to sb 是表示把某东西或者某事留给某人而leave for 表示动身去某地的意思

They left me no food here.他们在这儿没留下事物给我吃

没有leave sb. with sth.的用法,是不是打错了~~有leave sth. with sb. 是“暂时帮某人保管某物”的意思~!

1.She left Wuhan for Beijing.2.I will leave America for China.3.We usually get porket money from our parents.4.You can get foods from the supermarket.5.I want to talk with my

I provide you with money. 我给你钱 可以不加withprovide sb sth I provide you money 我给你钱

help sb with sth 帮助(某人)(做)某事; 例句:1.I can help you with your homework.我可以帮你做作业.2.He helps me with my English.他帮助我学英语.3.I often help him with his math.我总是在数学方面帮助他.

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