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go swimming go shopping go skating go hiking go skiing go to school go to work go to bed go to the movies go ahead go to college

go a great way with(对)非常有效,(对go a howler[俚]出事故\ 遭到失败 go a little way\v.不大有作用,走一点点路 go a long way\v.走了一大段路,采取主动 go a long

take sb.'s arm挽住某人的胳膊take sb. in one's arms拥抱某人take hold of sth.抓住某物take sb. in the act当场逮捕某人take a town攻占一座城市take cold着凉take sb.'s fancy占有某人的心take (the) first place居首位, 得第一take a

1、ask sb. for sth. 例:I ask him for some book. 2、ask/tell sb. (how) to do sth. 例:I ask him to give me some book./I ask him how to do this exercise. 3、ask/tell sb. not to do sth. 例:和2相反就是了 4、be afraid of doing sth./ that… 例:I am afraid

call for=邀请;要求,需要call forth=唤起,引起;振作起,鼓起call off=放弃,取消call on/upon=访问,拜访;号召,呼吁call up召集,动员;打电话;镇静的,沉着的 get across=解释清楚,使人了解 get along/on with=有进展,有进步;生活得

keep an eye on照看、留意keep away不接近、防范 go away 走开go around四处走动、(消息)流传 take over接受接管take a break休息一下 be on duty在上班、在值日 get up起床get ready for为……准备

get along with 与……相处*get away 逃; 离 get back 返回; 回来; 回家*get close (to) 接近 get down 降下 get down to 开始认真(做某事) get in 进入, 收获,达到*get lost 迷路 get off 脱下(衣服等);下车 get on 上车;过活 get on with sb.这里是新目标(Go for it)版新目标七年级下英语动词复习

come about 发生 come across 遇见…… come after 跟随 come along 随同 come and go 来来去去 come apart 破碎 come around 来 come at 到达 come away 掉下 come back 回来 come before 优先于…… come between 介入……之间 come by

go on go offgo upgo shoppinggo out of

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